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Our Issues

February 2015 Are you Funded for Retirement?
January 2015  Lethargy of Real Final Sales
December 2014  Focus on the Flow
November 2014 Right Mix of Investments
October 2014 Spoiled
September 2014  Five Thousand Two Hundred Eighty-Nine
August 2014 Hidden Calamity!
July 2014 Prince Charming is Here, Have No Fear!
June 2014 Few will be ready. Few will be prepared. Will You?
May 2014 Looking Like an Old Fuddy-Duddy
April 2014 Just A Pause
March 2014 Attribution of Returns in 2013
February 2014 How Much Can I Withdraw in Retirement
January 2014 The Risk versus the Return You Choose
December 2013 Economic Growth and Population Age
November 2013 Inflation, CPI and the Big Mac :  Bite of Reality
October 2013 Market Valuation and Inflation : Clues from the Big Mac
September 2013 Let the Dust Settle 
August 2013 Inflation Disparity
July 2013 A New Growth Market?
June 2013
The Train is Not Leaving Without You
May 2013 Something For Everyone
April 2013 Take Advantage of Opportunities When you Have Them
March 2013 Top Heavy Earnings Growth
February 2013
Federal Reserve Makes Poor Decisions
January 2013 Change How Individuals Invest
January 2013 Outlook 2013
December 2012 The Big Mac and Your Financial Health 
November 2012
Slides - Tax Changes 2013
November 2012 Expectation Adaptation 
October 2012  Stock Prices & NFL Replacement Referee's Blown Call 
September 2012  Too Much of a Good Thing 
August 2012  A Tale of Two Economies 
July 2012  The Tortoise and the Hare 
June 2012  Living on Borrowed Time 
May 2012  Income Shock 
April 2012  Bernanke Bounce
March 2012  Chicken Little  
February 2012  Balancing on a High Wire 
January 2012 Year in Review 
November 2011 Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts 
October 2011  Recessions: A Succession of Events
September 2011 Risk Intensifies 
August 2011 Stock Market Catches up to the Economy
July 2011  Performance Attribution 
June 2011 Economic Divide 
May 2011 Addicted
April 2011  Investing in a Crisis 
March 2011 Risk and Uncertainty
February 2011 Volatility in Investments and as an Investment
January 2011 New Year; New Forecasts 
December 2010 Printing Money - Benefit or Drag 
November 2010 Elections and Quantitative Easing Shouldn't Drive Investment Decisions
October 2010 Room for Optimism
September 2010 Investing in a Slower Growth Economy
August 2010 Avoiding Loss of Capital Helps Maintain Future Choices
July 2010 What's Next?
June 2010 Another Day, Another Crisis...
May 2010 Does Greece Matter to You?
April 2010 Risk is Always Part of Investing
March 2010 Interest Rates and the Stock Market
February 2010 New Year Brings Economic Optimism; Stock Market Volatility
January 2010 2010: The Year Ahead 
December 2009 More Bad Real Estate Loans Make the News
November 2009 In with the Bulls, Out with the Bears
October 2009 Bernanke's Green Shoots Continue Into Autumn
September 2009 Balancing Risk and Reward
August 2009 The Unemployment Rate and Your Investments: Less Than Meets the Eye
July 2009 Midyear Review
June 2009 Growth Despite Housing Weakness & Wave of Inflation
May 2009 Economic Growth and Managing Risk
April 2009 Stock Market Breadth: Negatives Outweigh the Positives
March 2009 Good Stocks for Bad Times
February 2009 Lessons Learned from 2008
January 2009 Expect the Unexpected
December 8 2008 Fear Not
November 22 2008 My Greatest Fear
November 2008 The Tables Have Turned
October 2008 Stabilize the Patient
September 2008 Turnaround Watch
August 2008 Oil Relief
July 2008 Blocking Out the Noise
June 2008 Oil Pressure
May 2008 Turnaround Watch
April 2008 Hold Your Nose
March 2008 Fleeting Success
February 2008 Behind Closed Doors
January 2008 Fighting Uncertainty
December 2007 Investors Fleeing Risk
November 2007 Line in the Sand
October 2007 Tug of War
September 2007 What Is The Greatest Enemy To Investors?
August 2007 Dynamic Management
July 2007 Why We Are Investing Internationally
June 2007 We see good economic growth
May 2007 Where do we go now?
April 2007 The Risk Is Not In The US Economy.
March 2007 The economy's performance is increasing and should enable the stock market to perform better in the second half of 2007.
February 2007 Wouldn't it be nice to see the market just continue to go up?
January 2007 Investing is Unlike Many Other Fields of Endeavor
December 2006 The Stock Market Continues To Rejoice In Holiday Cheer.
November 2006 Don't You Like Working On a Project When You Have It All Figured Out?
October 2006 Economic Activity Continues to Grow, Albeit at a Slower Pace Than Earlier This Year.
September 2006 The Market is Composed of Opinions
August 2006 More Severe Than We May Want
July 2006 Times that Try Men's souls
June 2006 To Rebalance or Not Rebalance
May 2006 Blue Chip Blues
April 2006 Don't Lose
March 2006 Stop Thinking
February 2006 Risk is Primary Focus
January 2006 Meaning Suited to his Mind
December 2005 Heed The Market
November 2005 Risk Verse Reward
October 2005 "Low Probability" not "No probability"
September 2005 No "Conundrum"
August 2005 Home Ownership - forced Savings
July 2005 Illussion to Reality
June 2005 Worked Up Over Oil
May 2005 Shrewd Use of Hedging
April 2005 Don't Fight the FED
March 2005 Slow and Steady
February 2005 Continous Election
January 2005 Fire or Ice
December 2004 Valuation Matters
November 2004 Down Three Games to Zero
October 2004 Agree to Disagree